*IGN(In-Game Name): CrafterJCM

*Age: 17

*Time Zone: Central

Skype: I use discord

*Time Played: I've been playing for ~7-8 months (I didn't keep track of my playtime)

*Staff Position: Helper

*Reason For Application (150+ words) The reason for my application is that I can help other players when needed and I describe myself as kind and friendly. I handle my staff position(s) responsibility and act very serious while on duty. I also was Mod before the reset and should’ve know I may have lost my spot because of not being on for a while. If anyone is having trouble with other players, I will help in any way I can. Also, if there are any rule breakers, I will give the appropriate punishment when it is necessary. I am very dedicated to this server and I hope to stay here for a very long time. I have been staff on many servers for many years and I do my best to not abuse my staff powers. There might be time when I can’t get my full play time in because of family plans etc. Thanks for taking your time to read my staff app.

*Playing Scheduled: summer: 6 hours, school days: 3-4 hours

*Who can vouch for you?: urclowning, TeT, GamGamGreenSlime

Any other information: For some reason that I couldn't get back on, I honestly don't know what happened. I feel stupid not realizing what the problem was when it was right there the whole time. Somehow there was a different ip in the thing and I should’ve checked that first…