*IGN(In-Game Name - Give Old Names too): ggamerggurl13

*Age(Must be 13 or older): 17

*Time Zone: pacific

Discord(required for Helper+):mother of lotus (GG)#3808

*Time Played:a year

*Staff Position: shadow god

*Reason For Application (150 Words): I want to be god because I want to help players with their prayers. i am friendly, mature and don't like to start drama. i try to stay active as much as i can. I feel like i deserve this position because once i start something i don't give up unless i am forced to. If i don't know something i will find out how do it as quickly as possible. i promise i will not abuse my powers and i will do what ever i can to help my followers with there prayers as well as the server . i feel like being a god would help me interact with the server more and make new friends. I really do feel I am ready for this position and I hope you do too SB. i wanna thank everyone who took the time for reading this and i hope you all have a wonderful day.
*Playing Schedule: 4pm- 11pm

*Who can vouch for you? (Need at least 3 people to vouch): metta, gwo, kenna, urclowning, gam, logan

Any other information: i am very dedicated to this server and i will help with what ever i can, i am also really good at building. i am sorry for not being as active as before a lots been going on but its over now and i have a lot more time on my hands.