If this has anything to do with GWO I was actually trying to help him out and he took it in the wrong way. When I talked to him in PM I tried explaining, but he still didn't understand so I left it be. Then Beth invited me to her Discord where I had typed "hi" and my message was deleted, so generally I was like "wtf." But then GWO went on a tangent with tell me to leave him alone even though I never joined the Discord specifically for him. I continuously tried to say like dude calm down I didn't join this for you I'm not trying to bother you, he continued to delete my messages and soon ban me from that private Discord. So I proceeded in DMs to call him some harsh words which I agree wasn't right, but ultimately this claim was made under false pretense. Look dude, I didn't mean for it to come out how it did but I'm going through stuff irl and when he started to become hostile I retaliated, which was not my original intent. I wanted to squash a rumor about him, but he thought I meant it maliciously. I am sorry it turned into that, which I take blame for and am sorry for how that came off. Like I said, I didn't mean what I said after the hostility from his part came into play but it was just a response to how he was acting.