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*IGN(In-Game Name): Simplestt

*Age: 15

*Time Zone: EST GMT-4

Skype: SimplyZack x

*Time Played: Since January 2016 (off and on)

*Staff Position: Helper

*Reason For Application (100 Words): Many people have different reasons to apply for staff. Mine will sound a little cheesy but its true. I purely enjoy helping people. It gives me a sense of gratitude when I show someone how to do things the right way or help someone with their issues. I am a good problem solver and I have an analytical brain. These traits make my job easy and fun. I know that staff isn’t meant to be a fun job, but keeping a cheerful attitude on job and being friendly to players makes more people want to come back to the server. I have two modes when being staff; one cheery light mood when I joke around and talk with players and a serious mood when dealing with issues. I NEVER allow these two to mix together because that could jeopardize my position and probably annoy some players. Lastly, I know that certain people apply for the rank because they think it will bring them respect and make them cool. I have never considered this as a reason to apply and I frankly hate these types of people. They often end up abusing their power and getting banned. I have never abused and will never abuse. I am applying because I believe that I have what it takes to help the server.

Playing Scheduled: 4-8 hours a day

Who can vouch for you?: No one :v

Any other information: Uh want to make up for past mistakes, but I know I should be back longer. (denial time)
Posted Dec 4, 17 · OP
Ill vouch
Posted Dec 9, 17