"It's a lovely day to join back on fadedroyals to say sorry to sb" (gets on a friend's account, joins the server). Everyone welcomes me as Ak but, I'm not and I say It's Blake, BlakekcBlaze. Then I start typeing sorry to sb and I've learned my lesson. Then I see in the chat "GET THE FUCK OFF MY SERVER"-Sb "I'm thinking well shhhhhhit, I've got like 0.75 secs to send this message" And then sadly I was banned. I'm sitting here on my computer like, well I wonder if my message came through. So I'd kinda came on here to write a funny post, but to also to say I'm very sorry. (I swear to god if sb says suck a dick, let god have mercy on him) (I kinda hope that god is a goddess and is Bella) Sb I don't understand what you thinking banning me. I mean if this made you smile you have to unban me.